13 Rules To Live By From A Life On The Road

allan karl
13 min readOct 12, 2020

Do I have a guiding list of principles or rules that I live by?

The Caucus Mountains, Azerbaijan.

As a world travel adventurer, professional inspirational speaker, and author, people often ask me for advice. Some want travel tips, others ask about technology and photography gear, others are looking for life-lessons learned from the road. Many are curious about how I can even make a living doing what I do.

I was sharing breakfast with Sandy many months ago, a fellow traveler I met several years ago in Greece. She posed the question, “Do you have a list of guiding principles or rules you live by?” She presented the question as a challenge for each of us: without overthinking, jot down thirteen things we believe are essential for a purposeful, mindful, happy, and healthy life. I pulled out a couple notepads and pens, and while I sipped my drip coffee, and she sipped her double macchiato, we tackled the challenge and compared notes.

Since then, I’ve shuffled my list of “13 Rules To Live By From A Life On The Road” around my desk with hardly a glance. Yesterday, after eight months, I paused and read the coffee-stained paper with my spontaneous scribbling. I pondered each of my rules and asked if, since then, I have followed them — especially in the crazy and challenging times of the coronavirus. I checked off twelve, and there remains an opportunity to fulfill the thirteenth. Read on, and you’ll understand.

Newly inspired to plant my stake in the ground, I elaborated on my thirteen rules, and now wish to inspire you to live a more healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. I hope you’ll spread the word by liking and sharing my creed with others.

The Trollstigen Road on the Norwegian National Road 63 — approximately 15 kilometers south of Åndalsnes in the county of Romsdal.
  1. Stay Curious

We are born curious. But as we age, we lose that sense of curiosity and become complacent in our surroundings and day-to-day life. So we need to work harder to embrace and indulge our curiosity. The best way to do this is to wonder — wonder why, ask questions, and take a greater interest in your environment.

Staying curious means being more observant. It means changing your perspective and seeing things differently. I…



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